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Tips and Tricks for Installing a Rear Facing Car Seat

by Maribel Fogaça

There is no greater joy than having a baby. However, one of the biggest pains of parenthood is installing the car seat. Once you have purchased the car seat and ensured it was the right size with a car seat fitting, you have to ensure it is safely installed in your vehicle. This is the challenge. Some tips and tricks that will help you with this can be found here.

Installing a Rear Facing Seat

Rear facing car seats are needed for infants up to a certain weight. To easily install this, use the tips here:

  • Move your vehicle's front seats up as far as you can so there is plenty of roof to work in the backseat.
  • If it is an option, recline the seat where the car seat will be installed. Be sure it is returned to an upright position once installed.
  • Pull the seat belt latch from inside the car seat, rather the outside of the seat. This means if you were to drop the latch belt, it will fall where the child will go, rather than outside of the seat.

Next, you will need to determine if you have an infant or convertible car seat.

For Infant Car Seats

Put all your weight on the base when you pull the latch or seat belt tight. Don't use just a hand, since this will not provide enough weight. It is a good idea to put one knee in the seat, with the other foot on the ground.

Rock back and forth in the seat – right to left – and continue tightening the seat belt. This will help you get it as tight as possible.

For Convertible Car Seats

In convertible car seats you will have to take the latch or seat belt behind the car seat, between the car seat and in front of the car seat. You can use your stomach to push the seat into the back part of the vehicle and move from side to side to tighten the belt as much as possible.

Push the car seat as tightly as possible while tightening the belt. Once the belt is as tight as it can go, move the seat back to an upright position. This will secure the car seat further.

If you are unable to fit behind the convertible rear facing car seat, then you will want to place your hand and as much weight as possible where your baby would sit in the seat.

Keeping your little one safe is essential. This means installing their rear facing car seat properly. The tips here will help you do just that.